Livemesh Addons for Beaver Builder


Livemesh Addons for Beaver Builder features huge collection of premium, easy to use yet highly functional extensions that can be used in a Beaver Builder page builder. This is really a premium plugin that you can get for free.

This plugin comes with addons for just about everything you need to build a professional website without switching to a premium theme – services, team profiles, counters, bar charts, piecharts, testimonials, clients list, portfolio/posts grid, posts carousels, pricing plan and much more in the PRO version. All the addons that help turn your free theme into a premium one with just a few clicks. Every premium page builder element you need is available for easy drag and drop into your page by just activating this plugin.

Beaver Builder plugin must be activated to use this plugin. After you activate the required plugins, the elements should be available for use in Beaver Builder.

See the all of elements in action here –

LIVE DEMO | PRO Version.

The plugin comes with the following Beaver Builder addons or extensions. Almost all of the elements come with a dark version.

  • Services that capture what you can offer for your clients/customers.
  • Portfolio Grid addon that displays portfolio/blog entries in a nice responsive grid in Beaver Builder. Masonry and packed options are supported.
  • Blog Posts Grid that displays portfolio/blog entries in a nice responsive grid. Masonry and packed options are supported.
  • Team Profiles extension to display all the team members.
  • Odometers/Counters to show impressive numbers pertaining to your work or company.
  • Bar charts addon to capture skills or any type of percentage stats with just a few clicks in Beaver Builder.
  • Animated Pie charts for visual depiction of percentage stats.
  • Testimonials to tell everyone the good things you often hear from your clients/customers.
  • Testimonials slider is a responsive touch enabled slider that cycles through testimonials.
  • Post Carousel extension for Beaver Builder that displays your posts as a highly responsive carousel.
  • Generic Carousel element that displays lets you present a list of HTML content in a carousel.
  • Heading styles to capture effective headings for your page sections.
  • Clients List extension to showcase the clients that you have handled.
  • Pricing Plans to help get more sales.

The PRO version of the plugin comes with additional Beaver Builder addons and advanced features added to elements above –

  • Posts Slider that helps showcase your posts as a highly responsive, touch enabled slider.
  • Posts Gridbox Slider that displays your posts as a slider of tiled post grids.
  • Posts Multislider that helps showcase your posts as a highly responsive, touch friendly carousel.
  • Posts Block to help present your blog posts, events, news items or portfolio in a dozen creative ways. Comes with AJAX filtering, pagination and load more features to help visitors navigate your entire collection of blog posts or custom post types and their categories without reloading the page.
  • Responsive Tabs that function seamlessly across all devices and resolutions. The plugin features never before choice of over dozen styles of tabs to choosen from a simple Beaver Builder dropdown.
  • Accordion/Toggle that capture collapsible content panels when space is limited.
  • Image Slider to create a responsive slider of images with support for captions, multiple slider types like Nivo, Flex, Slick and lightweight sliders, thumbnail navigation etc.
  • Image Gallery addon that lets you create a grid of images with options for masonry or fit rows, pagination, lazy load, lightbox support etc.
  • Video Gallery to build a beautiful grid of videos to help showcase a collection of YouTube/Vimeo videos on your site.
  • Image Carousel for a responsive carousel of images.
  • Video Carousel for creation of a responsive carousel of YouTube/Vimeo videos.
  • FAQ element to display a set of Frequently Asked Questions in a page.
  • Features Addon for showcasing product features or services provided by an agency/business.
  • Flat style buttons with rich set of customization options.
  • Icon list addon that lets you use either images or icon fonts to create custom social icons list, capture payment options etc.
  • Advanced Services with additional styles and animations for services addon.
  • Lazy Load – The portfolio/post grid and image gallery addons incorporate option to lazy load posts/images with the click of a Load More button.
  • Pagination – Create a grid of posts or custom post types with AJAX based pagination support.
  • Lightbox Support – The premium version of Beaver Builder Addons plugin comes with support for Lightbox for grid and carousel addons.
  • Customizations – Ability to choose custom font size, color or hover color for certain addons. More coming.
  • Custom Animations – Choose from over 40+ animations for most Beaver addon elements (excludes sliders, carousels and grid). The animations display on user scrolling to the element or when the element becomes visible in the browser window.
  • Sample Data – Sample data that you can import into your site to get started quickly on the addons and some sample layouts.
  • Premium Support – The customers will be provided access to a dedicated support forum with searchable content, private tickets, with threads attended to within 24 hours.

You can view the change log for the Premium version of the plugin at


The premium version of the plugin entitles you to quick support with replies posted within 24 hours (on week days).

Please submit your support query through our website contact form. This will create a support ticket in our support portal.


  • Live Demo of Beaver Builder Addons
  • Addons for Beaver Builder appearing in the sidebar window of the page builder.
  • Editing a module or addon in the Beaver Builder.
  • The Beaver Builder Addons plugin options window.
  • The Livemesh Addons for Beaver Builder plugin documentation.


  1. Install and activate the Beaver Builder page builder.
  2. Unzip the downloaded file and upload to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory or install the Livemesh Addons for Beaver Builder by Livemesh plugin from WordPress repository. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. For Portfolio element, install and activate the optional plugin Portfolio Post Type plugin. The Portfolio addon can be built using custom post type registered by this plugin.

Optionally, if you have premium version of the plugin installed, you can import the sample data that replicates the demo site for you by importing the file sample-data.xml file located in the plugin directory. The import option is available under Tools > Import in WordPress admin.


Does it work with the theme that I am using?

Our tests indicate that the Beaver elements work well with most themes that are well coded. You may need some minor custom CSS with themes that hijack the styling for heading tags by using !important keyword.

The demo site is best recreated with a theme that supports a full width page template without sidebars. The elements can still be used in the pages of default template.

How to enable the dark version for any element?

In Beaver Builder page builder, add a row wrapper for the element, edit row and navigate to the ‘Advanced’ tab of the ‘Row Settings’ popup window. Scroll down to the bottom of this tab to the ‘CSS Selectors’ section and input class ‘labb-dark-bg’ in the ‘Class’ field to activate the dark version of an element.

My portfolio does not show any items.

Pls install and activate the Portfolio Post Type plugin to enable custom post type Portfolio.


2023 ལོའི་ཟླ 7 ཚེས 31 ཉིན། 1 reply
Great modules to add to your layout
2022 ལོའི་ཟླ 5 ཚེས 18 ཉིན།
Livemesh Addons for Beaver Builder offers unique ways to display your post. I have not found similar for Beaver Builder before. Settings are sometimes structured slightly different than other addon plugins for Beaver Builder. This can be an advantage or challenge, depending on one’s needs. Nevertheless, customer service is very friendly and helpful in such cases.
2020 ལོའི་ཟླ 11 ཚེས 29 ཉིན། 1 reply
Ich habe noch nicht alles ausprobiert. Doch was ich nutzte, funktioniert tadellos. Besten Dank
2020 ལོའི་ཟླ 6 ཚེས 18 ཉིན། 1 reply
Love this addon, thanks!
2019 ལོའི་ཟླ 6 ཚེས 29 ཉིན། 1 reply
Of all the pricing table modules I’ve seen, I like Livemesh the best. Easy to use, easy to customize, and they look fabulous. Their other modules are excellent too. We haven’t experienced any problems.
2019 ལོའི་ཟླ 3 ཚེས 12 ཉིན།
གདེང་འཇོག 13 ཡོངས་སུ་ཀློག

བྱས་རྗེས་འཇོག་མཁན། & གསར་འབྱེད་པ།

“Livemesh Addons for Beaver Builder” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Added – Escaping the data output for posts grid,testimonials, testimonials slider, clients, team members, heading widgets for enhanced validation of user input.


  • Freemius SDK update to 2.6.2


  • Freemius SDK update to 2.6.1


  • Fixed – Toggle settings not being saved in widgets
  • Fixed – The posts block and posts grid taxonomy filters would be collapsed to the dropdown by default
  • Added – New icons for modules
  • Added – Default heading for posts block and posts grid


  • Freemius SDK update to 2.5.12


  • Freemius SDK update to 2.5.10


  • Updated – Freemius SDK 2.5.8 update


  • Updated – Slick Slider to help stay compatible with popular themes
  • Updated – Freemius SDK 2.5.3


  • Added – Information about three new premium widgets Posts Slider, Posts Multislider and Posts Gridbox Slider


  • Added – Compatibility with WP 6.1
  • Added – Missing sanitization checks for theme color admin settings


  • Updated – Freemius SDK 2.4.4
  • Updated – Compatibility with WP 6.0.


  • Updated – Freemius SDK 2.4.3 security update


  • Added – Compatibility with WP 5.9.


  • Fixed – Deprecated warnings raised on PHP 8.
  • Added – Compatibility with PHP 8.


  • Added – Compatibility with WordPress 5.8.


  • Updated – Freemius SDK 2.4.2 with license activation enhancements, beta programs and other features and bug fixes.


  • Fixed – Fatal error in some edge cases when the posts grid can fail to display taxonomy terms.


  • Added – Improved compatibility with lazy load plugins by adding data-skip-lazy attribute


  • Updated – Move to new domain
  • Updated – Compatibility with WP 5.5


  • Added – Options to turn off/on title and taxonomy terms displayed on posts grid thumbnail
  • Added – Options to turn off/on title and taxonomy terms displayed on posts carousel thumbnail
  • Added – Open in new window option for post links in posts carousel and posts grid
  • Added – Ability to add read more link for the posts carousel and posts grid
  • Fixed – The posts carousel item element would populate wrong style classes
  • Fixed – The WP filters/hooks in posts carousel received page id as post id
  • Fixed – Open in new window option for post grid and posts carousel thumbnails not taking effect


  • Fixed – The stats bar does not display the percentage bars.
  • Updated – Freemius SDK 2.3.2 with Opt-In / Out Enhancements, User Change, and More.


  • Updated – Freemius SDK 2.3.1 with white label mode, URL whitelisting and other features and bug fixes.


  • Fixed – The filters in the Posts Grid display the excluded terms.
  • Added – The Posts Grid display appropriate message when no posts are found.
  • Added – The generic carousel would allow only a max of 5 columns; now increased to 12.
  • Fixed – The Posts Carousel output WP filter hook not usable with the original frontend output code.


  • Fixed – The taxonomy chosen dropdown displaying superfluous taxonomies in the dropdown for Posts Grid.
  • Fixed – The filters displaying taxonomy terms that were excluded in the query.


  • Fixed – Some sites reporting error – call to undefined function get_blog_list().
  • Updated – Freemius to 2.3.0.


  • Fixed – Some modules raised “Unexpected or Invalid content” error in Gutenberg block editor.


  • Added – Field connections for color fields in all modules.


  • Updated – Custom fields for compatibility with latest version of Beaver Builder and for better performance.
  • Fixed – JS error for custom number control.
  • Fixed – Testimonials of Beaver Builder being overridden by Livemesh Addons.
  • Fixed – Some scripts dependent on existence of jQuery $ symbol can raise error.
  • Updated – Freemius SDK with several bug fixes and compatibility fixes.


  • Added – Major release of the plugin with extensive support for filters and templates to enable users to customize the output generated by the addons. You can now create a template file in beaver-builder-addons folder in your child theme to customize the addons html or use filters to customize output generated by the addons.
  • Updated – Documentation providing information on how to use templates and filters to customize the plugin addons
  • Added – Filters for settings object employed for rendering the addons
  • Fixed – Incompatibility with some themes which load waypoints JS script.


  • Fixed – Incompatibility with certain themes due to different versions of waypoints scripts being used.


  • Fixed – Bug fixes.


  • Added – Image size options for all relevant addons.
  • Added – New simpler grid system for all elements that use grid.
  • Added – Seamless control of number of columns at all device resolutions for all those elements that involve grid – posts/portfolio grid, clients, services, testimonials, team, charts, pricing table etc.
  • Added – Sample animations for services, clients, testimonials, team and pricing table.


  • Moved to a single code base for premium and free versions


  • Fixed – Posts Grid columns can break in certain resolutions in FireFox.
  • Fixed – The piechart value is not being rounded.
  • Fixed – The post grid and posts carousel date format not reflecting the user preference specified in Settings page.
  • Fixed – The themer connection for beaver piechart bar and track colors not reflecting the values specified via custom fields
  • Fixed – Cannot customize the grid filter highlight color


  • Fixed – Some themes have trouble rendering grid columns
  • Fixed – Comma shows up in category list for the image hover in grid


  • Upgrade – Simpler grid system based on NEAT 2.1 version
  • Updated – The CSS is now optimized for vendor prefixes with reduced properties and file size.


  • Added – Ability to rate plugin from admin screen


  • Fixed – The post image in a grid or posts carousel was not clickable to the link specified
  • Fixed – The grid filters would not center when a heading was not specified.
  • Fixed – The grid filters will not display multi-line on devices of lower resolutions like mobile devices.
  • Updated – Compatibility with WordPress 4.9 version
  • Updated – Compatibility with Beaver Builder 2.0 version


  • Added – Extensive customization options for all modules/addons
  • Added – Typography options for elements of all modules/addons
  • Fixed – Multiple translation domains found.


  • Fixed – Translations not working with default files provided by plugin
  • Fixed – The client images would show up misaligned and with additional padding in certain sites


  • Added – Integration with Beaver Themer
  • Added – Beaver Themer field connections for all relevant fields of modules
  • Added – Compatibility with Beaver Theme


  • Fixed – Custom taxonomies not showing up in the taxonomy choices dropdown in posts/portfolio grid and posts carousel


  • Fixed – The filter on the grid would not show up initially; changed default taxonomy to category


  • Fixed – Undefined pagination property warning for Posts Grid Beaver addon


  • Fixed – The portfolio grid addon leaves an empty space on the top when no heading is specified and when no taxonomy filters are specified
  • Fixed – In a few installations, the grid elements may not occupy full width between 769px to 800px device resolutions
  • Fixed – The posts carousel dots navigation was not clickable
  • Fixed – The posts carousel would not expand beyond 960px in width


  • Updated documentation. Preparation for moving entire plugin documentation online.


  • Initial release.