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BizFirst: Accept Crypto USDC payments on your WooCommerce Store (Solana)

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BizFirst: Accept Crypto USDC payments on your WooCommerce Store (Solana)


Accept Crypto (USDC) payments in the simplest manner using BizFirst (Currently live on the Solana Blockchain)
BizFirst is the most conversion-optimized, stable, and configurable Crypto checkout & payment solution available for WooCommerce.

What does BizFirst do?
BizFirst lets you:

  • Accept USDC payments directly from your WooCommerce Store.
  • Send USDC invoices for customers who place orders on Whatsapp/ Instagram/ FB
  • Run NFT-based loyalty programs – you can offer discounts for users who hold a specific NFT Collection OR issue your store-branded discount NFTs!

With the click of a button, your customers access a conversion-optimized checkout window using which they can connect their Solana Wallet (SKY Wallet, Phantom or Glow Wallet)

Try a live demo to see what a Crypto-Charged WooCommerce checkout looks like


  • REDUCE upto 80% on interchange fees (Just pay 0.5% vs 3-3.5% on Traditional Payments)
  • GET your money instantly (3 seconds vs 3-6 working days)
  • GO GLOBAL (Crypto is global from day 0)
  • ATTRACT customers via NFT-based Loyalty Programs

Usage of third party services
This plugin calls the Checkout API on BizFirst Servers to create a checkout instance for a given WooCommerce order. The USDC payment is collected on the secure servers and then the user is directed back to the WordPress site with the order confirmation.



What is the BizFirst Suite?

BizFirst is a suite of tools that enables merchants anywhere in the world to accept USDC payments on Solana. There are various features that allow users to use our platform in different ways:

1. For Merchants, who currently run a store on an eCommerce platform, we offer quick integrations [WooCommerce, More platforms coming soon]. With this integration, merchants will be able to
a. Accept USDC payments on their E-Commerce Store
b. Send USDC invoices to customers.
c. Run NFT based loyalty programs i.e. offer discounts for existing NFT collections, issue & redeem NFT coupons on their store.

2. For advanced use cases, we also offer an API suite. Contact us

What are the key benefits of accepting Crypto payments via BizFirst?

  1. Save Money on Interchange Fees: Traditional Payments cost between 3-3.5% interchange fees to merchants. Payments accepted through BizFirst will cost you 0.5%
  2. Get your money faster: Traditional Payment Methods will take 5-10 days to actually transfer your money. With Crypto, you can take it right after accepting the payment. Settlement takes 5 seconds.
  3. Take your business Global from Day 0: Crypto payments are global from Day 0
  4. Avoid Chargebacks: Crypto payments are irreversible by default. You can choose to refund a customer via BizFirst.
  5. Increase Sales: There are now 300M users & believers of Crypto worldwide. Accepting Cryptocurrency & using NFTs can put you ahead of the pack and help you reach out to this whole new target audience. Large Brands have seen incredible success using NFTs as a tool for Marketing, now you can too!.

How can I sign up?

To sign up for an account, go to https://app.bizfirst.xyz/

How can I sell something once I have signed up for an account?

There are two ways of selling with BizFirst:

1. Integrate BizFirst into your E-Commerce Store. To do this:
a. Create your BizFirst Account
b. Click on the blue banner “Integrate your WooCommerce Store” button on the top of your BizFirst dashboard and follow the on-screen instructions. This process will take you less than 5 mins to complete.

2. Create a hosted Checkout/ Payment Invoice is the easiest way to get started selling your products for USDC. To do this:
a. Create your BizFirst Account
b. Click on “Invoices” on the sidebar.
c. Fill out the details of the product/service & the details of the recipient.
d. Send the invoice to the recipient directly via BizFirst. You can also copy the invoice link and share it over text.

Which cryptocurrencies can I accept?

We only support USDC on Solana. The reasons are as follows:

1. USDC for Volatility: Payments are best done in low-zero volatility assets to avoid losses i.e. a T-shirt sold for $10 worth of crypto should not turn to $5 worth of crypto when redeeming for USD. USDC is the most trusted stable-coin with the price pegged to the dollar i.e. Each USDC is worth $1.00 and is always redeemable on a 1:1 basis for US dollars via Centralised Exchanges such as Coinbase and FTX.

2. Solana for Cost and Speed: Solana is one of the fastest blockchains with one of the lowest costs, which makes it ideal for users to use in payments.

What is a seed phrase and why do I need it?

BizFirst creates a semi-custodial wallet for your safety where you also get access to your Seed Phrase. A seed phrase is a sequence of 12 words that gives you, access to the cryptocurrency that you have received. This can be imported to any Solana Wallet to access your USDC.


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