emerchantpay Gateway Module for WooCommerce



  1. WordPress 4.x, 5.x, 6.x (Tested up to 6.6-RC2)
  2. WooCommerce 3.x, 4.x, 5.x, 6.x, 7.x, 8.x, 9.x (Tested up to 9.0.2)
  3. GenesisPHP 1.24.6

In order to process subscriptions, you need to purchase the WooCommerce Subscription Extension (Tested up to 6.4.1).
Click here to learn more about setting up Subscription Module or
read our Subscriptions Configuration wiki page.

GenesisPHP Requirements:

  1. PHP version 5.5.9 or newer
  2. PHP Extensions:

    * BCMath
    * CURL (required, only if you use the curl network interface)
    * Filter
    * Hash
    * XMLReader
    * XMLWriter
    * JSON
    * OpenSSL


  1. Login into your WordPress Admin Panel with Administrator privileges
  2. Navigate to Plugins -> Add New
  3. Install through the Marketplace/ Select the downloaded .zip File
  4. Activate the newly installed WooCommerce emerchantpay Payment Gateway Client plugin
  5. Navigate to WooCommerce -> Settings -> Checkout
  6. Select your preferred payment method emerchantpay Checkout
  7. Check Enable, set the correct credentials and click Save changes


2024 ལོའི་ཟླ 4 ཚེས 25 ཉིན། 1 reply
Hello, I am using the plugin developed by you, I would like you to review the multisite part, because when I use the plugin on a multisite site it does not work correctly, on line 25 where you ask if WooCommerce exists, if it was activated There is no problem from an independent offering, but if it was done through multisite global network, the data to configure does not appear in woocommerce/payments
2023 ལོའི་ཟླ 2 ཚེས 21 ཉིན། 2 replies
hi I am using emerchant direct and its not working i tried all they way it showing please check input for error could you please look about this isssue
2019 ལོའི་ཟླ 9 ཚེས 2 ཉིན།
Such a great module. emerchantpay payment gateway boosted my conversion, the browser experience is awesome.
2019 ལོའི་ཟླ 8 ཚེས 28 ཉིན།
We love the flexibility of the emerchantpay platform and how easy it is to customise payment options. Thanks emerchantpay!
2019 ལོའི་ཟླ 8 ཚེས 25 ཉིན།
Your payment gateway plugin is great and easy to integrate. Thank you.
གདེང་འཇོག 4 ཡོངས་སུ་ཀློག

བྱས་རྗེས་འཇོག་མཁན། & གསར་འབྱེད་པ།

“emerchantpay Gateway Module for WooCommerce” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Added SPEI Online Banking Bank code support
  • Updated plugin compatibility with PHP 8+ versions
  • Tested up to WordPress 6.6.x


  • Added iFrame support for WooCommerce Blocks
  • Added support for SDD init recurring sale via emerchantpay Checkout payment gateway
  • Updated Genesis PHP SDK to version 1.24.6


  • Added support for Smart Router via Direct Payment method
  • Updated Genesis PHP SDK to version 1.24.4
  • Updated Card.js with the latest Credit Card patterns
  • Fixed transaction table visualization on WooCommerce Order type Subscription


  • Added support for WooCommerce Blocks support via Direct Payment method
  • Updated Genesis PHP SDK to version 1.24.2
  • Updated Card.js with the latest Credit Card patterns


  • Fixed security issue


  • Added support for Blocks checkout via Web Payment Form
  • Updated Genesis PHP SDK to version 1.24.0
  • Updated support of PaySafeCard transaction type via Web Payment Form


  • Updated Genesis PHP SDK to version 1.22.0
  • Added support for Blik one Click (BLK) payment method for the Online Banking payment type
  • Fixed Transaction table visualization on the admin order view
  • Fixed plugin configuration page


  • Updated Genesis PHP SDK to version 1.21.12
  • Updated Direct Method loading screen text size
  • Fixed Authorize and Sale transaction request parameters handling


  • Updated Genesis PHP SDK to version 1.21.11
  • Added option for controlling the emerchantpay Direct 3D Secure processing via iFrame, default value – enabled
  • Updated Direct Method 3D Secure loading page visualization
  • Added dynamic version to enqueued files on the FrontEnd based on the current plugin version
  • Fixed warning caused by the plugin configuration


  • Updated Direct Payment payment processing page
  • Fixed a warning during the Web Payment Form creation


  • Implemented emerchantpay Checkout payment method flow with an iFrame
  • Added option for controlling the emerchantpay Checkout Web Payment Flow via iFrame – disabled, default value
  • Added Web Payment Form strict list order of the selected Transaction Types that are being sent to the Gateway
  • Added an option to select and use a specific Web Payment Form template defined on the Gateway
  • Updated use of credit card form to be compatible with the newer WooCommerce versions
  • Updated plugin’s language translation files
  • Fixed a warning during the Web Payment Form creation


  • Updated Genesis PHP SDK to version 1.21.10
  • Implemented emerchantpay Direct payment method flow with an iFrame


  • Updated Genesis SDK to version 1.21.9
  • Reimplemented emeprchantpay Direct payment method
  • Added 3DSv2 payment flow support to the emerchantpay Direct payment method


  • Updated Genesis SDK to version 1.21.6
  • Added Belgium bank code for Online banking – Bancontact


  • Removed emerchantpay Direct payment method
  • Tested up to WordPress 6.1.1
  • Tested up to WooCommerce 7.1.1


  • Fixed 3DSV2 optional parameters value generation
  • Fixed failure URL generation


  • Added support for 3DSv2 params thru the emerchantpay Checkout method
  • Added support for SCA Exemption settings thru the emerchantpay Checkout method
  • Added 3DSv2 parameters handling via Web Payment Form
  • Added SCA Exemption parameters handling via Web Payment Form
  • Updated Genesis PHP SDK version to 1.21.3
  • Updated WooCommerce tested up to 7.0.0
  • Updated WooCommerce Subscriptions tested up to 4.6.0
  • Updated WordPress tested up to 6.1.0


  • Added Pix Transaction Type via Web Payment Form
  • Updated Genesis PHP lib to version 1.21.2
  • Added Return Redirects config section in emerchantpay Checkout and emerchantpay Direct settings
  • Updated failure URL generation


  • Added Bank Code option in the emerchantpay Checkout payment config used by Online Banking Transaction Type
  • Tested up to WordPress 6.0


  • Updated Genesis PHP SDK library to version 1.20.1
  • Added new transaction type Apple Pay via Web Payment Form with support of its methods:
    • Authorize
    • Sale


  • Updated Genesis PHP SDK library to version 1.20.0
  • Added new transaction type Pay Pal via Web Payment Form with support of its methods:
    • Authorize
    • Sale
    • Express
  • Updated Google Pay transaction type via Web Payment Form with the latest requirements from the payment gateway


  • Updated Genesis PHP SDK library to version 1.19.2
  • Updated Card.js library used by Direct Method
  • Executed successful tests via WordPress 5.9
  • Executed successful tests via WooCommerce 6.1.1
  • Executed successful tests via WooCommerce Subscriptions 4.0.1
  • Added support for Google Pay transaction type via Checkout Method (Web Payment Form)


  • Added Mixed Checkout functionality
    • Allowed Order with Subscription and Non-Subscription products
    • Allowed only one type of Subscription product
  • Updated WordPress version 5.8 and WooCommerce version 5.6.0 tested up to meta data
  • Updated Transction Type list
    • Added Post Finance
    • Removed: Zimpler, Instant Transfer, QIWI, Santander Cash


  • Added support for Zero Amount of Init Recurring Sale/3D Payment – affects WooCommerce Subscriptions and allows Order creation without any payment till the end of the Free Trial period
  • Updated Genesis PHP LIbrary to version 1.19.1
  • Improved Recurring Payment flow – the initial transaction now has the amount shown in the Order Total
  • Confirmed compatibility with WordPress 5.8 and WooCommerce 5.5.1
  • Fixed Transaction Tree inside the Order view
  • Fixed and applied improvements of minor issues in the code


  • Added support for PHP 8.0


  • Added Business Attributes support to the gateway request
  • Updated the Genesis PHP Library to version 1.18.9
  • Added Refund Pending Asynchronous flow support
  • Tested on WordPress 5.7 beta 1 with WooCommerce 5.1.0 and no issues were observed
  • Fixed the transaction Id generation causing issues with some of the transaction requests


  • Updated the way of generating transaction’s ids used in the transactions
  • Fixed the validation for SSL used by the Direct Method


  • Added TIMEOUT & VOIDED Notification status handling for the Checkout
  • Added support for WooCommerce integrated Refund functionality. The Refund button on the bottom of the items list is visible.
  • Added Partial Refunds and Partial Refund E-mail support via the integrated WooCommerce Refund functionalities. The old refund functionalities from the transaction list table remains untouched (refund via the table DOESN’T create WooCommerce Refund events).
  • Fixed the Web Payment Form cancellation handling. Order remains Cancelled instead of Failed
  • Fixed REFUNDED notification status handling. If partial Refund is initiated the Order remains with Processing status.
  • Fixed various issues with the Notification handling
  • Fixed deprecated warnings for Checkout and Direct Transactions. No more WooCommerce plug-in below version 2.x is supported


  • Updated supported WooCommerce version up to 4.3.x and WordPress version up to 5.4.x
  • Fixed the rendering of the transactions table in the Order view


  • Updated GenesisPHP v1.18.4
    • added new transaction type UPI
  • Updated the transaction types support list for emerchantpay Checkout Payment Method


  • Updated GenesisPHP v1.18.3


  • Updated GenesisPHP v1.18.1
  • Fixed the notice when the payment fails


  • Updated Web Payment Form Trustly transaction type


Supported WooCommerce 3.8
Added description fields used by WooCommerce plug-in


  • Added transaction types
    • Argencard
    • Aura
    • Baloto
    • Banamex
    • Banco de Occidente
    • Bancomer
    • Boleto
    • Bradesco
    • Cabal
    • Cencosud
    • Efecty
    • Elo
    • Itau
    • Naranja
    • Nativa
    • OXXO
    • Pago Facil
    • RapiPago
    • Redpagos
    • Santander
    • Santander Cash
    • Tarjeta Shopping
  • Updated GenesisPHP lib to 1.17.0
  • Upped supported versions to WordPress 5.2.2 and WooCommerce 3.7.0


  • Added PPRO direct transaction types
    • Bancontact
    • eps
    • GiroPay
    • iDeal
    • MyBank
    • Qiwi
    • SafetyPay
    • TrustPay
  • Updated GenesisPHP lib to 1.15.1
  • Upped supported versions to WordPress 5.2 and WooCommerce 3.6.2


  • Updated GenesisPHP lib to 1.14.0
  • Improved support for WPF Tokenization
    • Better handling of consumers’ IDs


  • Added OnlineBanking transaction type
  • Refactored code according to WordPress’ code style guidelines


  • Updated GenesisPHP lib to 1.12.0
  • Added support for WPF Tokenization


  • Updated GenesisPHP lib to 1.11.0
  • Added new transaction types
    • Banco do Brasil
    • BitPay
    • Entercash
    • InstantTransfer
    • Multibanco
    • PayU
    • Zimpler
  • Removed deprecated transaction types
    • Citadel
    • PaySec


  • Refactored code to ease future upgrades and maintenance
  • Upped supported versions to WordPress 5.0 and WooCommerce 3.5.0


  • Fixed bug with refunds for Alternative Payment Methods
  • Fixed bug with incorrectly displayed dates for transactions in admin panel
  • Fixed bug when shipping address is not provided
  • Fixed visual compatibility issues with WooCommerce 3.4 in admin panel


  • Updated GenesisPHP to 1.10.1
  • Add support for Klarna APM discount
  • Fixed bug with shipping cost when Klarna APM is used


  • Errors are now being logged with WooCommerce logger
  • Fixed issue with refunds of Sale and Sale 3D transactions


  • Rebranding
  • Fixed bug with incorrectly displayed dates for transactions in admin panel
  • Added missing support for taxes and shipping costs for Klarna payment method


  • Updated GenesisPHP to 1.9.3
  • Added Klarna payment method
  • Fixed UX issue with order’s actions modal


  • Fixed compatibility issues with WooCommerce 2.6
  • Improved UX for capture/refund/void in order admin panel


  • Updated GenesisPHP lib to 1.9.0
  • Added new Alternative Payment Methods
    • Alipay
    • PaySec
    • WeChat
  • Added Gift Cards support
    • TCS
    • Fashioncheque
    • Intersolve
  • Added panel in admin order view for transactions management


  • Fixed bug with error messages on admin page when shopping cart is empty in the session


  • Subscription Extensions & fixes
    • Check sign-up fee for Subscription Products (Sign-up Fee required)
    • Cart validations


  • Fix incorrect Billing Address Population for Gateway Request


  • Added Support for PHP 7.1 and Remove Support for PHP < 5.5.9
  • Update Genesis Client Library to 1.7.0
  • Added new Transaction Types
    • Citadel
    • eZeeWallet
    • iDebit
    • INPay
    • InstaDebit
    • P24
    • PayPal Express
    • Mr.Cash
    • MyBank
    • Sepa Direct Debit
    • Trustly
  • Added Better Handling of Module Requirements on Admin Page


  • Added Support for Subscriptions


  • Updated APM List
  • Updated GenesisPHP library to v1.4.0


  • Initial release.


  • Added Direct (Hosted) Payment Method – Requires SSL to be enabled on the checkout pages
  • Additional Module Settings
  • Updated GenesisPHP library to v1.4.3


  • Minor Issues have been resolved regarding Admin Backend Transactions (Capture, Refund, Void)
  • Fixed minor Issue regarding Direct (Hosted) Payment Method Views


  • Minor Issues have been resolved regarding Capture Transaction and PHP 5.3 Support