This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

MB Spirit for MINDBODY


MB Spirit allows you to easily integrate your MINDBODY information into your web site. Using the MB Spirit Dashboard, you
can create any number of custom widgets to display MINDBODY elements including:

  • Class Schedules
  • Events, Workshops and Retreats
  • Events, Workshops and Retreats – Calendar View
  • Staff/Instructor Details
  • Class Descriptions
  • Session Types
  • Products and Service
  • Appointments
  • Appointments (Advanced)

You use the MB Spirit WordPress plugin to select your MB Spirit widgets and insert them into pages and posts.

You can also customize your MB Spirit shortcodes to apply data filters, and adjust the layout for individual pages.

Enable MB Spirit SEO Optimization and allow search engines to index your MINDBODY content, increasing organic traffic to your site.
Our powerful caching technology ensures your MINDBODY content will load just as fast as the rest of your web content. Eliminating
slow page loads enhances your SEO activities (Google loves fast loading content).

Along with your MB Spirit account, this plugin allows you to quickly and flexibly integrate and enhance the
content from your MINDBODY account. Our layouts look awesome out of the box, but if you are a designer, you can apply your own styling to
MB Spirit widgets.

Easy to get started, powerful features.


  • Test mode allows you to try MB Spirit integration without impacting your web site’s content
  • Works with all WordPress themes
  • Quick setup — specify your schedule, event list, staff list, and class description pages and identify a pre-set widget to use for each.
  • Create your MINDBODY widgets using the MB Spirit dashboard widget builder and easily add shortcodes to your WordPress pages and posts
    (you can even override your widgets with new parameters within WordPress)
  • Inject shortcodes into any page of your web site and add filters to give finer control of contents
  • Schedule widgets let you do custom and dynamic filtering of classes
  • Add MB Spirit widgets into your site through the WordPress widgets dashboard under the appearance settings
  • WPML ready content lets you present your information in as many languages as you like
  • MB Spirit allows you to extend your MINDBODY content to add more images and details, with slicker layouts than are capable with MINDBODY
  • Refresh your content from inside WordPress
  • Connect to MB Spirit for registration by allowing users to sign in to their MINDBODY studio client account
  • Dashboard widget shows you information and tips for getting the most out of your MB Spirit service


  • Settings Manager
  • Media Icon to add shortcodes to any page or post
  • Widget Selector view
  • Widget customization options with preview of widget presentation
  • Shortcode format – additional settings can be added here and you can also adjust the layout if you used an open shortcode tag
  • Rendered class schedule from injected shortcode
  • Example of schedule presentation within a different web site design
  • Rendered event listing from injected shortcode
  • Example of event listing within a different web site design
  • MB Spirit dashboard with quick access to widget code and analytics
  • MB Spirit dashboard widget builder with additional options for content elements and layout
  • MB Spirit dashboard widget preview


This plugin provides 1 block.

  • MB Spirit


  1. Download and unzip this plugin
  2. Upload the “mb-spirit” folder to your site’s /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  4. Under WP Admin MB Spirit menu, select Settings and begin the process to register or authorize your site
  5. Test that the connection is correct and review a summary schedule to see that the information is correct


How to I connect my MINDBODY account?

MB Spirit uses a performance-enhancing service to gather your MINDBODY information and prepare it for this plugin. You must
have an account with BOTH MINDBODY and MB Spirit to use this plugin. If you already have a MB Spirit
account, simply enter your account information under MB Spirit Settings.

If you do not have an MB Spirit account, you need to register at Start with a
free trial with access to a demo account. This account will allow you to test MB Spirit and
confirm the integration before signing up.

When you are ready to integrate your data, you authorize your MINDBODY account with MB Spirit. Once this is
done you will have access to your MINDBODY content. WordPress will pre-fetch its content from MB Spirit ensuring fast
reliable data. MB Spirit users a powerful caching technology to render MINDBODY content instantly on your site.

Is there a cost to use MB Spirit?

In addition to your MINDBODY account, you are registering your site with our API service (MB Spirit).
MINDBODY charges us on a monthly basis to provide this service to you. When you are using MB Spirit in the
demo mode during the trial, there are no charges. Once you have authorized your MINDBODY account to get your
own data, these charges begin. We pay these charges on your behalf and charge you for use of the MB Spirit
service. MB Spirit currently charges $20USD per location per month to provide the full service.

I don’t like the options for presenting my content. Is there a way to improve it?

You can create your own custom widget presentations and choose options to control filtering and grouping of results.
If you don’t see the options you need, let us know! We’ll likely build it for you.

If you are savvy with programming in WordPress there are a number of filter hooks within the plugin that you can
use to manipulate the content or to completely build the content from raw data received from the API service.
Documentation of these filters is available at the MB Spirit web site (
Please contact us for questions or support with this feature.

I have a multilingual site. How do I translate my content?

We are WPML friendly and have routines to manage addition of new languages. We are always happy to integrate
new languages to our core, so feel free to obtain templates for translation and contribute your translation
files to us at:

While much of the interface can be internationalized, we do not have the facility yet to provide multilingual
support for translations of your descriptions. Please indicate your enthusiasm for this enhancement by
contacting us directly.


2018 ལོའི་ཟླ 3 ཚེས 6 ཉིན།
This plugin worked perfectly out of the box, but when I needed additional functionality to accommodate certain schedule view and clients who were paying cash at the door, the support team added what I needed (and better!) within just a few hours. My fitness studio saw a huge increase in class sign-ins once we implemented the seamless MB Spirit website and eliminated the interstitial pages and jumpy navigation of MindBody itself. On the tech side, it took zero effort to add my schedules to my WP site in the footer, in pages, and within the body of any post; Facebook integration was equally carefree. You have total control over your schedule display with this plugin – choose to display just the days you have classes, just classes for the next 3 days, or whatever view will help your studio thrive. In short, this plugin works for your business, rather than your business having to work around software limitations.
2018 ལོའི་ཟླ 2 ཚེས 1 ཉིན།
I evaluated a lot of plugins for this need. This is the best one by far! So glad I found this plugin, the initial settings screen in your word press will look like a lot but just be patient and go through the steps to get the API connected as you only need a few steps to get going (was about 5 minutes to get setup). We initially were going to create a custom API, but MB Spirit did all the work already and super easy to use. The widget API visual creator is top notch and allows you to select what you want, filter, hide from Mind Body software to show on your website. It allows visitors to purchase and register for our Mind Body classes and products through our website. The support when needed to answer a couple questions was a quick friendly response. There is a free trial. We did the trial and then signed up for a year it worked so well and easy to use for future functionality in our site as it grows. Thank you so much for this plugin! Huge time saver for our web team!
2016 ལོའི་ཟླ 9 ཚེས 3 ཉིན།
The plugin offers an easy way to integrate mindbody features into the website. Alex and the team were unbelievably helpful, I needed a customized widget to display my event information and within 20 minutes of using their online chat they wowed me with their desire to not only understand what I needed but but they implemented it right before my eyes. Great work guys and thanks. Glad I found your plugin
གདེང་འཇོག 3 ཡོངས་སུ་ཀློག

བྱས་རྗེས་འཇོག་མཁན། & གསར་འབྱེད་པ།

“MB Spirit for MINDBODY” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Add Gutenberg block support
  • Add Elementor editor support (classic WYSIWYG editor)
  • Add hooks for overriding shortcode attributes and request parameters
  • Support ACF customization of shortcodes using the separate MB Spirit for ACF plugin
  • Stability improvements and better presentation in dashboard
  • Fix/improve the shortcode builder interface to work with most WP installations


  • identify and resolve issues with offsets and filter actions


  • remove deprecated create_function in widget load


  • Correction to version number


  • Invalidated


  • Add ability to revert to Classic Editor until support for the Gutenberg editor is completed (expected October 2022)


  • Update compatibility with WordPress 5.8.1


  • Update compatibility with WordPress 5.6.1


  • Update compatibility with WordPress 4.9.8


  • Patch for undefined key warning in PHP variables


  • Revised patch for cURL issue with cache headers


  • Patch for cURL issue with cache headers


  • Add register and buy now links (direct to MINDBODY) within page/post editor links search
  • Extend ability to insert page lists from externally loaded content
  • Add future ability to inject widget content into pages or create and populate new pages
  • Add filter for shortcode attributes to allow global override of shortcode settings
  • Add cache control directive to prevent data refresh being triggered on API calls


  • Fix bug with AJAX hooks for shortcode callbacks and registration process
  • Correction to notification messages


  • Enhanced registration system for new and existing MB Spirit clients
  • Handle errors thrown from API calls within system checks
  • Improve dismissal of notices and add notice option for various critical states
  • Correction to uninstall methods to ensure proper cleanup of plugin options


  • Added persistence to dismissing non-critical WordPress notices


  • Added check on widget shortcode to provide debugging information visually if the widget for the shortcode isn’t found
  • Added WordPress notifications as push from MB Spirit for critical warnings and messages


  • Resolve issues with embed options for shortcodes (some content not being parsed correctly)
  • Allow embed option to prevent callback to MB Spirit (prevents JavaScript load refresh of content)


  • Test against WordPress 4.5.2
  • Add redirect to settings on activation and add settings link to plugins page
  • Change removal of settings to the uninstall hook instead of the deactivation hook to preserve settings if just disabled


  • Allow Emoji scripts added in WordPress 4.2 to be disabled for better rendering of arrows in date navigators


  • Enable MB Spirit registration from inside WordPress
  • Enhancements to shortcode builder to apply date ranges


  • Updated version to match new release version


  • Fixed bug with WPLANG (deprecated), using get_locale() instead to check language