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SEO Pack


Improve your SEO with our smart WordPress SEO Plugin in a few easy steps.

SEO Pack WordPress SEO Plugin

Do you want to be at the top of Google and significantly increase your income? With the help of our plugin, this task becomes much easier. You no longer need to hire and pay an SEO specialist to get your website to the top of Google. Our SEO Plugin has been developed by current SEO experts and is a brand-new solution in the SEO field. A set of modules that come with our SEO Plugin will help you professionally optimize each page of your site, and our Configuration Wizard will assist you in paying closer attention to the important points of the program.

We did not merely create another plain old WordPress SEO Plugin, we have developed it in a way that simplifies the installation and setup of the SEO parameters on your site, and matches the latest Google recommendations. With our plugin, you do not have to be an SEO or WordPress professional.

WordPress SEO Settings

  • WordPress SSL (HTTPS). This module scans your site and its setup, letting you configure an SSL Certificate in one click. Meanwhile, the module will set up all the necessary settings of the WordPress CMS. Google has officially stated that Google Chrome will mark all websites without an SSL Certificate as unsecured, in addition to displaying a warning message on the browser.
  • Title and Meta Description. You can automate the process of optimizing your meta title and meta description, and you can set them individually for each page.
  • Attachment Redirect. When you add a picture or video to your blog post, WordPress creates a separate page with that attachment. Hundreds of pages end up on the Google index where they do not belong. Our module assigns a 301 redirect from the page containing the attachment to the page with the actual information.
  • Duplicate Content. To protect against duplicate content, you can assign Canonical URLs, or you can set a Noindex tag in the page setup.
  • XML Sitemap Generator. Create XML sitemaps in one click. Set up the XML sitemap module and Google will index the new pages of your site much faster.
  • Complete integration of Google Webmaster, Bing, & Yahoo webmaster.
  • Optimization and the ability to override titles on pages and blog posts.
  • Use Noindex for categories, tags, archives, and search results.
  • Shorten Page URL. This feature will automatically shorten the page URL so that the URL is not too long.
  • Redirect Manager. Easily create 301 or 302 redirects from old pages to new. You can also create a custom redirect for the 404 page.
  • Configuration Wizard. The step-by-step SEO Configuration Wizard will help you set up and optimize all the main WordPress parameters to successfully promote your site on search engines.
  • Compatibility with many other templates and plugins

SEO Audit & Analytics

The SEO Audit Scanner automatically scans your site and compares each page with the latest Google recommendations. If the plugin finds a page that has not been optimized for Google, then you will see a list containing those pages that you should pay attention to and consider optimizing. The SEO Audit Scanner will help you find and correct the following SEO mistakes:

  • Lack of a meta description on a page or blog post
  • Short page description
  • Absence of an H1 tag on a page
  • More than one H1 tag on a page
  • H1 tag duplicate on different pages
  • Lack of an “alt” attribute on pictures
  • Short meta description on a page
  • A meta title that is too long on a page
  • Absence of a page title
  • Lack of a Favicon for your site
  • Long URL for your page and category

Note: Some features may be limited in the free version of the plugin. For example, there is a 100-page limit when scanning for the presence of meta descriptions.

Image Optimization

Practically every site has pictures, photographs, and other types of images, even image galleries. Just like texts, images also require optimization and organization in addition to other page elements. As a result, image placement and optimization not only increases page relevance and search ranking, but it also drives traffic to your site due to the presence of your pictures on Google Images.

The smaller the image file size (in kilobytes), the less time it takes to load on the page. The most popular image formats are .jpg, .png, and .gif. These image formats are optimized in different ways, which gives way to a good ratio of image size to file size for every type of image (icons, pictures, photos). Choose your image formats correctly.

Poor image optimization could make your site undesirable to users. This is especially true for landing pages since much value is placed on having an appealing picture. If the file size of the picture is too high, then the landing page will take too long to load. If the size is too small, then the image is most likely low quality, which could drive the user away and decrease conversion.

Our WordPress SEO plugin not only lowers the size of images, but it also optimizes the picture to match the Google recommendations. With just one click, you can enhance user experience and boost your site’s SEO position by improving the site’s speeds.

Keep your site secure

Our plugin contains a set of security modules that will help you secure your website and prevent a drop in search ranking, or landing on the Google blacklist. We have added features to protect against brute force attacks, prevent unauthorized control panel access, and uncover hidden links from your site that lead to other low-quality sites.

  • BlackList Monitoring. Often, hackers find a vulnerability within your website and use it to send spam, or create thousands of trash pages, which end up contributing to their own SEO promotion for their projects. When Google notices that kind of activity, it adds the website to its blacklist and completely stops traffic to your site. Our module will take swift action if your website ends up on a blacklist for Google, McAfee, Norton, BitDefender, PhishTank, WebSecurityGuard, and others.
  • GeoIp Protection. This feature will help you block undesired traffic from certain countries and protect you from DDOS attacks, brute force attacks, content scraping, and it will increase the loading speed of your web pages.
  • Bad links Protection & Removal. This module scans your website for the presence of hidden links that may have been installed by dishonest developers, or hackers.
  • Two-Factor Authentication. This is an additional layer of security for WordPress CMS. Besides you, nobody will be able to access your website’s admin panel.

Bad Bot Blocker

Blocks all types of bots that slow down the site, among them:
* bots of unnecessary search engines
* spam bots leaving comments and posts on your blog
* bots stealing images and site content
* web scrapers
* bots that pick passwords to the accounts of administrators and users of the site
* bots of various web archives parsing your site
* various spam programs that send spam to you or your visitors via the feedback form
Our module in SEO Pack determines the bot or real visitor on your site and blocks the activity of bots, while accelerating the loading of pages for real visitors, thus improving the user experience. This reduces the load on the hosting and the server, saves traffic and increases page load several times..

The necessary bots (Google, Yahoo. Msn, etc) will easily access the site and index the pages, just like real users. The necessary search bots are determined based on the User-Agent and PTR records. All the rest are checked by the module’s algorithm and only full browsers that have passed the test of the module.

SEO Protection & SEO Content Version Control

The SEO Protection module saves all changes that are important for SEO on the website and allows you to go back at any time. You can also keep track of all the changes that were made on the site by your SEO specialist, or by your employees. The module tracks changes in the title, description, content and keywords on the pages of your site. In simpler terms, this is something like GitHub for SEO.

Import Settings

The module for importing settings from other plugins makes it easy to transfer all SEO settings from one in one seo pack, yoast, SEO Ultimate, Platinum SEO and many others with one click. You can safely switch from other plugins to ours, saving all possible SEO settings of the site.


  • The RealTime SEO plugin Dashboard.
  • Example of the RealTime SEO configuration wizard.
  • Example of the security functionality.
  • Overview of 301 and 302 redirect manager.
  • RealTime SEO General settings example.


General FAQ

  • How is the SEO Pack Seo Plugin different from many other SEO plugins for WordPress?
    Our plugin is developed and sustained by SEO specialists who don’t feel that SEO is just another job, but a way of life. Search engine algorithms frequently change, and we will continuously update our plugin with the new changes, surpass the competition, and add new features so that our clients can always stay one step ahead of others.

  • Do you plan on expanding the plugin’s features?
    Of course! Soon, our clients will get added features and more settings that will let you swiftly get to the top of search engines.

  • Is SEO Pack Free?
    All features are available on the free version; however, they have certain limitations for larger websites. For example, our SEO mistake scanner displays up to 100 pages of mistakes on the free version, and an unlimited amount on the paid version. For that reason, our plugin is absolutely free and unlimited for small and mid-level business owners.

  • What do I do if the plugin will not install onto my website?
    You can contact us via our website and one of our engineers will help you set up our plugin free of charge.

  • How fast will I see results?
    You can see results in as little as one day. However, our plugin does not guarantee your website will get to the top of Google; instead, it helps you create an ideal on-site optimization. Besides on-site optimization, there is also off-site optimization that has the same effect on your position on search engines. Our solution is the SEO Checklist feature found on our plugin, which will help you properly handle link building, SSM, and so on, to stay ahead of your competition.

  • I don’t know anything about SEO, will your plugin help me?
    Yes, of course. We continuously work on detailed instructions, adding new points to the SEO Checklist, and we update you on the changes on Google so you can always be in the know in the world of SEO. Our step-by-step configuration wizard will guide you through the initial setup and give you tips on adequately configuring your website.


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