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Note: This plugin is a woo-commerce connector for SHOPEX. It is only usefull if you have a SHOPEX account.
You can set one up for free and enjoy a 15 day trial. Try SHOPEX for free!

The only e-commerce store analytics you’ll ever need – Understand your customers behaviors better – Quickly segment and visualize your data – Measure all e-commerce store metrics

  • Advanced Dynamic product pricing for targeted segment – Targeted Automatic Emails – create cart recovery email automation.

For advanced product pricing and email automation system, you need to get a clear analytics insight and have a good working data segmentation system on your shop data,

thats why we put all features in one place.

Data Filtering and Segmentation

Unlimited number of filters to help you segmentise your shop data. Save the segment with a relevent name.

Track the performance of all Segments.

See the list of customers getting in and out of a segment instantly, daily Join and drop from each segment.

Segmentise your products based on price range, size range, stock range, height, width, length, weight range, SKU, type, catagory etc and see the performance of each

segment or Compare the performance among them.

You can also segmentise your orders based on any kind of available order data at SHOPEX..get the order CSV of any specific order Segment. Compare between different

order segments.

Dynamic pricing And discounts with the help of Segment system

Create Quantity based pricing

Create Catagory based pricing

Gift products based on product added to cart

Offer discount on entire shop

And with the help of our advanced segmentation system, you can segmentize your customers based on their purchase behavior and offer invivisual

“product-pricing-and-discounts” to “indivisual-customer-segment”

Advanced Report And analysis

Advanced reports on order data, order-shipping and billing location-wise reports

Customer reports, customer revenue breakdown based on location, customer retention analysis, find what makes them purchase again,
retention analysis of specific location, compare retention between different location

Single customer Profles including report, See what they buy most, avarage day gap between each indivisual product-purchase , average day-gap between each order,
what they buy most with discount, average shipping cost of this customer and each session data, add tags to this customer and much more

Reports on product performance, product sales data, shipping location-wise product performace, Select specific shipping city and find which product it loves most,
which products demand is growing, which product makes more revenue and profit with the help of line charts

Single product performance report, products frequently bought together with a product, each quarter’s and month’s average sales data, Total view of specific product,
average view duration, average view duration before adding to cart, Retention data of single product, performace comparision between different city

Reports on ad-campaigns, coupon data and more .


Set your product costs, and get over-all profit reporting and Profit reporting on indivisual product


Tracking visitor data, Session data, Browse abadoners,

Each product total visitor, numbers of people added it to cart, average view duration before adding to cart and more

Tracking each indivisual customers journey and it is available inside in each customers profile

Engage with manuel and automated mail

Manual emails

Automated emails to targeted segments

Emails to browse abandoners


Live carts view,

cart recovery automation

automation performance report

** At SHOPEX You can add any number of team members to manage your shop at no extra cost, each with their own role & permissions. **

** MORE ? there’s a demo option available at SHOPEX. you can get the whole and full idea about how usefull, deep and details and easy to use it can be. **


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