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WooCommerce Blacklist Manager – Anti Fraud & Fake Orders

WooCommerce Blacklist Manager – Anti Fraud & Fake Orders


The WooCommerce Blacklist Manager plugin is an essential tool for WooCommerce store owners. Providing the ability to blacklist specific phone numbers, email addresses, ip addresses, email domains and block user. This plugin helps in preventing orders or cancellations from unwanted or problematic sources, also refused the visitor to create an account. With an easy-to-use interface integrated into the WordPress dashboard, managing your blacklist is both straightforward and efficient.

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  • Blacklist Management: Suspects, Blocklist for Phone number, Email address, IP address and Domain.
  • Friendly Controller: Easily add the phone number, email address, ip address from the Edit Order page; multi ip addresses/domains addition into blocking list.
  • Multi Notifications: Email, alert and error notices for both admin and users are customizable.
  • Prevent Ordering: Option to prevent the customer place an order if their email/phone/ip/domain is on the Blocklist.
  • Prevent Registration: Option to prevent registration if the email/ip/domain is on the Blocklist.
  • Timed Cancellation: Option to cancel the order if the email/phone is on the Blocklist in the delay of time.
  • User Blocking: When the order has been placed by a user and has been added to the Blocklist, then the user is also set as Blocked. Optional in the Settings.

Premium Features

Building on the robust features of the free version, the premium version offers advanced functionalities to safeguard your business against fraud and unauthorized transactions.

Advanced Order & IP Blocking

  • Customer Name Blocking: Adds the first and last name of the customer to the blocklist.
  • Prevent VPN & Proxy Registration: Prevent visitors from registering if they use Proxy server or VPN.
  • IP Access Prevention: Stop users from accessing your website from IP countries that you have selected.

Disposable Emails & Phones Blocking

  • Prevent Disposable Emails: Block orders and registration if the customer using disposable email address.
  • Prevent Disposable Phones: Block orders if the customer using disposable phone number.
  • Block Disposable Phones: Automatic added disposable phone number into the blocklist.

Customer Address Blocking

  • Google Maps API Integration: Autocomplete addresses on the checkout page to ensure accuracy and clarity.
  • Address Blacklisting: Block orders from specific addresses listed in your blocklist.
  • Suspicious Address Alerts: Receive notifications if a suspicious address is used to place an order.

Suspicious Payment Detection

  • Country Mismatch Detection: Alert if the payment card country does not match the billing country.
  • AVS Checks: Validate the address provided by the customer against the address on file with the card issuer to detect discrepancies.
  • High Risk Country: Alert and add to suspect list when the customer uses a credit card from countries that are set in the High Risk Countries selection.

Automation Alerts

  • Repetitive Use Monitoring: Detect and alert if the same phone number or email is used with different addresses or IP addresses.
  • Address Mismatch Detection: Identify orders with different billing and shipping addresses.
  • High-Value Order Alerts: Set alerts for orders significantly higher than your store’s average order value.
  • Frequent Order Detection: Monitor and alert for unusually high order frequency within a specific time period.
  • Proxy/VPN Detection: Identify and alert if an order is placed using a proxy server or VPN.
  • Geolocation Mismatch Alerts: Ensure the IP address location matches the billing country and alert for discrepancies in IP address and address coordinates.

Explore the Automation features here

Enhanced Protection

Our premier solution for combating fraud and unauthorized transactions: we’ve integrated up with the finest third-party services to deliver the highest level of protection for your business. Each service we chose excels in identifying and preventing fraudulent activities. Moreover, these services offer free plans designed to support small and medium-sized businesses, enabling you to focus on growth while safeguarding your transactions.

Service integrations: Google Maps Platform, IPinfo, ip-api, MailCheck, NumCheckr.

Plugin integrations: WooCommerce Stripe Gateway, Payment Plugins for Stripe WooCommerce.

Premium Support

Dedicated Assistance: Access to our premium support team for any issues or questions you may have.
Priority Response: Receive faster response times and personalized support to ensure your plugin operates smoothly.

Explore the Premium version here

With these premium features and dedicated support, the WooCommerce Blacklist Manager Premium plugin provides unparalleled security and efficiency, giving you peace of mind and allowing you to focus on growing your business.


  • Accessing the Blacklist Manager: After activation, find the ‘Blacklist Manager’ option in your WordPress admin menu.
  • Manage the Blacklist: Use the provided form to add phone number and email addresses. Add the phone, email and ip address at the Order page. Bulk addition ip addresses and domains into the lists.
  • Searching the Blacklist: Utilize the search feature above the blacklist table to filter entries.
  • Navigating the List: The pagination controls allow you to navigate through multiple pages if your blacklist grows.
  • Settings: Selects the options to cancel or prevent an order, and declined to create an account.

Additional Notes

  • This plugin requires WooCommerce to be installed and activated.
  • Always back up your WordPress site before installing new plugins.



  1. Upload Plugin: Download the plugin and upload it to your WordPress site under wp-content/plugins.
  2. Activate: Navigate to the WordPress admin area, go to the ‘Plugins’ section, and activate the ‘WooCommerce Blacklist Manager’ plugin.
  3. Database Setup: Upon activation, the plugin automatically creates the necessary database tables.


Q: Do I need to configure any settings after installation?

A: Yes, additional configuration is needed for the plugin to work as your expectation. Go to menu Blacklist Manager > Settings.

Q: Why is there a Suspects list for?

A: You don’t want to lose customers carelessly, do you? That’s why there should be the Suspects list, for you to marked the customers and suspect them a while before you decide to block them or not.

Q: Can this plugin prevent the customer to checkout through a separate payment page such as Paypal, Stripe…?

A: The logic of the WooCommerce Blacklist Manager plugin is that to prevent the blocked customer can checkout through your website, the payment gateways have nothing to do with that. So, the answer is absolutely YES.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of entries I can add to the blacklist?

A: There is no set limit within the plugin, but practical limitations depend on your server and database performance.


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བྱས་རྗེས་འཇོག་མཁན། & གསར་འབྱེད་པ།

“WooCommerce Blacklist Manager – Anti Fraud & Fake Orders” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



1.3.8 (Jul 9, 2024)

  • New: Email sent to admin when blocked customer attempts detection.
  • Improved: Updated text content at Settings.
  • Improved: Core improving.

1.3.7 (Jul 3, 2024)

  • Fixed: Bug at Settings page.
  • Improved: Added Settings notice for the new installs.

1.3.6 (Jun 28, 2024)

  • Improved: Changed the display of blocked user row at Users page.
  • Improved: Core improving.


  • Improved: Language file updated.
  • Improved: Core improving.


  • New: Added selection of status at Addition manual form.
  • Improved: Minor bug fixed.


  • Improved: Language file updated.
  • Improved: Minor improvement.


  • New: Added blocked user notice customizable in Notifications.
  • Improved: Changed the blocked user notice from browser pop-up to error notice.
  • Improved: Minor bugs fixed.


  • New: Notices when the customer is in suspect list or blocklist at edit order page.
  • Fix: Fixed domain addition form did not open when IP address option disabled.
  • Improved: Updated the logics of Add to suspect list and blocklist at edit order page.
  • Improved: Added missing date & time when click on Add to suspect button at edit order page.
  • Improved: Some minor bugs fixed and improved.


  • New: Upgrade entire code to be OOP style.
  • New: User blocking option now is available.
  • New: Source added, allowing you to know the entry’s source.
  • New: IP status, allowing you to know Suspect or Blocked.
  • New: Email notification template added.
  • Improved: Dashboard tab will stay where you left off.
  • Improved: Duplicated checkout notice fixed.
  • Improved: Unexpected strings fixed.

Premium version is now available, check it out on our website!


  • Improved: The activation notice was dismissed to be a bit more robust. To ensure the notice behavior persists even with caching plugins like WP Rocket etc…


  • Improved: CSS conflict fixed.
  • Improved: Solved the issue of settings notice displays when cache cleared.

  • Improved: Minor javascript bugs are fixed.

  • Improved: A bug fixed.


  • Improved: Avoid a hardcore security for some themes.
  • Improved: Codes improved.


  • Change: Text buttons to be icon buttons in the lists.
  • Change: Rename Blacklist to Suspects to avoid confusing .
  • Improved: Reorganised the files.
  • Improved: Codes improved.


  • New: IP Addresses multi lines addition.
  • Improved: Small fixes.


  • Error: Important bugs fixed.


  • New: Email domain blocking added.
  • New: Bulk action, easily delete multi rows in every lists.
  • Improved: Small fixes.


  • Change: Email notification setting became Notifications settings.
  • New: Checkout, Registration Notice now is customizable.
  • New: Prevent registration option for the user ip address is on the blacklist.
  • Improved: Reorganized the codes to make them smoother and cleaner.


  • New: Added an option (Settings) to prevent placing an order.
  • Improved: Clear some unused codes. Small fixes.


  • New: IP Blacklist released.
  • New: Add customer IP into IP Blacklist by click on Add to Blacklist button (Flag icon) in the Order page (Admin).
  • Improved: Popup message to confirm if you are sure to do the actions in the Blacklist Management.


  • New: Declined to create an account if the email address is on Blocked list.
  • New: Added the popup message to confirm if you are sure to do the action in the Order page (Admin).
  • Improved: Change the text button to be icon button in the Order page (Admin).
  • Improved: Refresh the Order page after Add to Blacklist message’s displaying automatically (in 3 seconds).


  • Settings: Prevent Order selection added.
  • Language updated.


  • JavaScript file is specifically enqueued only on the plugin.
  • Small bugs fixed.


  • Initial release.