DOI Creator


With this plugin you can automatically generate a new Digital Object Identifier (DOI) for any new post you publish and automatically register it on DataCite.

A new DOI is generated when a new post is published (drafts are ignored). All information needed to generate the DOI is automatically retrieved from the post being published.

As of the current version, the new DOI submitted to DataCite contains the following information:

  • “doi”: generated automatically based on the prefix and suffix declared in the settings of this plugin, plus the publication year, the issue number and the number of the post (e.g. 10.5438/0012/2021-1-2)
  • “url”: the permalink to the post
  • “creators”: the list of the authors. If the plugin coauthors plus is installed, the complete list of authors is retrieved.
  • “titles”: the title of the post.
  • “publicationYear”: the year in which the post has been published.
  • “publisher”: the name of the journal (website), retrieved from the general settings of WordPress (Settings -> General).
  • “descriptions”: a one line sentence with the name of the journal, the issue and year (e.g. “CoolJournal, 3 (2021)”). The issue number is calculated automatically based on the periodicity of the journal, declared in the settings of this plugin, and the month of publication.
  • “types”: as of now this plugin is aimed at generating DOIs for academic papers in journals, so the types are as follows: { "ris": "RPRT", "bibtex": "article", "citeproc": "article-journal", "schemaOrg": "ScholarlyArticle", "resourceTypeGeneral": "Text" }

Once the DOI has been created and registered on DataCite, it is saved as a custom field (doi) of the post. To check that the new DOI has been saved, once the article has finished saving the new details, reload the page and check that the doi is listed in the custom fields section of the post.


Before using this plugin it is mandatory to properly define the settings.

The settings page can be accessed from the plugin list page and from the settings menu (“Settings -> DOI creator settings”).

Mandatory information to be specified in the settings are:

  • DOI base: the prefix and suffix of the DOI (e.g. 10.5438/0012)
  • Periodicity: number of months of each issue. In other words, how often a new issue of the journal is published.
  • DataCite credentials: your username and password used to access DataCite. These are stored in your database and are never shared with anyone other than DataCite.


Before generating and publishing new DOIs, we strongly recommend to run some tests to check that everything runs as expected.

To generate and register DOIs in test mode, you can select the “Use test environment” option under this plugin settings.

All DOIs generated and published while in test mode will be visible only on DataCite Fabrica Test,

Please note that if your test credentials are different from your production credentials, you must enter them in the settings of this plugin.

Supporting the project

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Feature requests and support

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The plugin is provided as-is without any support. If you really need help, please consider donating and making a support request. We’ll do our best to help those who help us.


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